Sentosa Training Films presents topdressing

Chief Agronomist Andrew Johnston and the Agronomy Team at Sentosa engage in topdressing techniques.

Topdressing covers the crown of the plant and partially buries it protecting it from scalping by the mower blades. Topdressing the greens prevents most scalping of the leave blade, therefore preventing unwanted disease.

Sand helps to break down organic matter by increasing porosity and helping the soil breathe as well as continued removal of organic matter via aerification and continue topdressing to dilute the organic build up.

With the addition of sand, we have been able to firm up our greens and smooth the putting surface. Sand fills in slight imperfections to allow better ball roll and firms up the surface.  Golfers feel that sand on the greens equals slow greens. In most cases, after a light dusting, the greens are slightly faster than before because a smoother surface is achieved.

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